Although transitioning to a nursing home can be a big adjustment for your loved one, your reassurance, and positivity along with our staff's Kind. Compassionate. Care. can make all the difference.

Here are some things to consider that will help your loved one adjust to their new home more quickly.


Decorate Their New Room To Feel Like Home.

We provide a bed, side chair, and nightstand, but we want you to feel comfortable bringing items from home that will make your loved one feel that their room is personalized. This may include a favorite chair (if room allows), blankets, photos, artwork, pillows, or plants. The goal is to feel at home.

Encourage Participation in Activities.

Getting to know others your age in a similar situation provides opportunities for your loved one to feel a sense of belonging and to develop friendships. Along with this, activities provide purpose and meaning while also having fun. If your loved one is reluctant to participate continue to provide positive words of encouragement as well as let us know so that our staff can encourage them to participate.

Positivity Always Wins!

Believe it or not, transitioning your loved one to a nursing home can sometimes be harder on you than it is for them.  You will likely worry and wonder if your loved one is adjusting and feeling comfortable or even feel guilt for making the decision.

We encourage you to communicate with your loved one regularly, offering positive thoughts and encouragement. We also welcome your communication with our staff, offering information that helps us get to know your loved one better.