Date Posted
May 9, 2023
Full Time

Job Details

Employment standards for this facility are consistent with EEOC for all people applying for or holding this position. Education: Registered Nurse, Llcensed Practical Nurse, or an individual that can learn care plan assessment and reimbursement management. 


Essential Functions: 

1.    Maximizes reimbursement by scooping out all coverage potential and manages the program to provide the coverage.
2.    Keeps accurate records.
3.    Sets priorities and trunks logically.
4.    Possesses excellent interpersonal skills while being organized, efficient, and a good communicator.
5.    Confers with the Medicare Benefits Administrator regarding new admissions, future ­certifications, and discharges on an ongoing basis.
6.    Reviews documentation from the previous day and make sure all holes are filled. Ensures that all charting is complete and accurate. Communicates with professional nursing staff when documents are incomplete and hold them accountable for same.
7.    Instruct professional nurses on correct and appropriate charting to ensure that they are not relying on Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapies to support Medicare Part A. Ensures that appropriate discipline is supported in the documentation.
8.    Maintains Medicare census logs including admissions, discharges, number of Medicare billable days, and percent of Medicare days denied.



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