Hello from Nursing,

As we head into Fall, nursing will be focused on educating on and administering the influenza vaccine. Yes, it is that time of year already! MNRC will have a supply of vaccine for residents and staff. We offer the choice to everyone. Nursing homes, as well as other health care environments, have a population of immunocompromised people and infections can spread quickly. We use standard precautions daily to reduce risk of exposure and spreading bacteria and viruses. Employees, as well as residents and visitors, are encouraged to wash hands frequently. The flu shot is another precaution when preventing influenza. Consents will be available in September for residents and employees to sign. Additional information and education can be found on the CDC website: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/index.htm

We are hosting a CNA class this month and welcome some new nurses to our nursing staff. Please introduce yourself and give them a warm welcome! We have an amazing team of nurses bringing experience from many specialties and our CNAs are dedicated to quality care for the resident’s daily needs. We witness and hear wonderful stories of the kind and compassionate care they offer.  Feel free to share your experience in our Employee Spotlight box by the main entrance.

Kelly Fleming, Director of Nursing