Hello from everyone in the Nursing department! We are continuing to be diligent in training and practicing recommended infection control. The staff and residents are still screened daily to catch any early symptoms of infection. Through all the extra steps and occasional frustration, we see the benefits of reduced overall infections and no. We hope to see this continue and will welcome more activities and family visits! We appreciate all the kind words and encouraging thoughts from families and friends in the community – Thank you!

Flu season is coming quickly, and you will be receiving an email to consent for the influenza vaccine if you are a POA. Please sign and return before September 30th  by fax, in person, or mail. We offer vaccines for all staff and residents. While not mandatory, we highly recommend it.

We have several changes in staff with schools back in session. It is a welcome change and, while we miss them, so many are looking at healthcare related majors and we are excited for their growth. We were able to host a CNA class again at the end of August. Small steps forward are encouraging, and the additional staff is welcome. Another thank you to all the staff who stepped in to help train and share experiences, refer new staff, and alter schedules to accommodate training.

Without visitors inside the building, it is difficult for loved ones to watch clothing as the seasons change. We are willing to communicate needs and switch out clothing; please send new clothing and/or personal items labeled with full last name.

I am enjoying the phone Care Conferences and look forward to chatting with the rest of you on upcoming Wednesdays. If you have not received a letter yet, it will be addressed to the primary POA and should be coming in the next month. If you have any questions about these meetings or would like to schedule one in addition to the routine ones, contact Misty Green or myself.

Kelly Fleming, RN, DON