Welcome October,

The seasons are changing and we know what is coming next....COLDER WEATHER! This month is a good time to go through spring/summer clothes and make room for fall/winter clothing. Coats, gloves and a stocking hat are items each resident should have in their closet. These are important when going on bus trips for activities or going to an appointment in colder weather. When bringing in new clothes or personal items please remember to write resident’s first and last name using a permanent marker. Our lost and found is always open for residents and families to look at. If you need assistance in finding the lost and found please ask any staff member. We will be administering flu vaccines this month, so if you haven't signed a consent form for your loved one, please stop in and do so. We need a signed consent form for each resident whether they are receiving the flu shot or not.

 Have a spectacular October!

Lindsay Takes, ADON