Happy November! 

With this early snow fall and colder temperatures, it sure feels like winter already!  We had an awesome Halloween and enjoyed hosting our annual indoor trick-or-treat event.  We saw lots of fun and creative costumes this year.  The residents really love handing out candy and seeing all the little ones, and I think all the parents/adults liked being able to warm up a little bit indoors too!

On Veteran’s Day, November 11th we will again partner with Above and Beyond and host a pinning ceremony for all of our Veteran’s to honor them for their service to our country.  The ceremony will begin at 10am in the main lobby area followed by a reception with coffee and muffins.  Family and friends are invited to attend.

We have also partnered with the Ross and Elizabeth Baty Monticello Public Library to host story time at our center the fourth Friday of each month at 10am.  We are so excited for this opportunity for our residents but also for all individuals involved.  From a young age, many if not most of our relationships are intergenerational.   As kids, we need those older, wiser individuals to help us form boundaries, learn right from wrong, and understand what we are capable of. When we get older, we need those younger, stronger individuals to help us stay active and engaged in our communities. We all need each other at every stage of life to remain engaged and to have a positive impact on our communities.  A big shout out to Miss Penny for providing such a great program!!

Leann Herman, Admissions/Marketing