Welcome November! Unfortunately, we are starting off the month with room to room visits because of positive COVID cases. The November calendar posted will look a little different and is adjusted to fit room to room visits. As always, independent materials and supplies will be provided upon request. This month...
November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. For more information about Alzheimer’s or to donate to the cause please check out www.alz.org. Memories Matter!
Janaan Husmann Rita Federspiel Tina Krejci Not Pictured: Margaret Ritchey
Resident Birthdays Jo Frantz- 11/12 Kenneth Webber- 11/14 Nancy Eye- 11/21 Debbie Johnson- 11/26 Staff Birthdays Kristen Weaver- 11/07 Aubree Fairley- 11/23 Brenna Wilson- 11/23 Sandra Moats- 11/24
Danna Rheinschild- 11/19/2020 Cassandra Wood- 11/07/2016 Patricia Carey- 11/21/2013 Amanda Gomez- 11/29/2011