Welcome March! We are ready for Spring and warmer weather as we hope it will bring brighter moods and encourage more activity. Our Restorative program is a great resource for building strength, assisting with flexibility and mobility, and set residents up for successful ambulation, transfers, and positioning. Sheri Burke is our Restorative Nurse. She works closely with the nursing staff and Millennium Therapy to reduce the risk for resident falls and skin breakdown by focusing on safe, appropriate fitting splints, braces, shoes, and personalized wheelchairs and walkers. When residents are recovering from illness or need additional exercise to maintain mobility, Sheri encourages them to do as much as they can for themselves and assists when needed. Attending daily exercise and open gym gives residents options for additional help. Residents who are unable to move their arms, legs, or walk work with Restorative for range of motion daily to prevent contractures. 

All residents are encouraged to eat meals in the dining room and safe, successful eating sometimes requires adaptive equipment and positioning devices. Sheri looks beyond the resident’s room and watches for these needs too. Proper nutrition and hydration play a large part in overall health!

Feel free to let Sheri know if there are any concerns with mobility, comfort, and strengthening. She can assist with proper shoe fitting when new ones are needed, walking more frequently, or easing transfers from bed or wheelchairs. The Restorative program is a great asset to MNRC!

Kelly Fleming, RN, DON

                                      Sheri Burke, our Restorative Nurse                                       doing morning exercise with resident, Mary Somers