I am excited to announce Tanya Clokey has accepted the Dietary Supervisor position. Tanya lives with her husband and son in Monticello.  She has worked as a day cook here at MNRC for over a year. She does a great job cooking delicious meals and we look forward to having her in a leadership position, coaching the dietary staff to bring the residents meals that they enjoy.

For those of you who have a loved one who has Medicaid, you will be receiving a letter in the mail in March. The letter will explain that there is a new MCO and it will tell you which MCO your loved one is assigned to. Please call us or stop in once you receive this letter. We will need to verify that the MCO that was chosen for you is an MCO that we are in network with. If we are not in network with the MCO who is assigned to your loved one, we will work with you on getting the MCO changed.

I hope you all have a great March, and let’s all hope for some warmer weather!

Laurissa Martin, Administrator

Congratulations to our new Dietary Supervisor, Tanya Clokey!