Happy Spring from the nursing staff!

We are looking forward to warmer weather as another flu season comes to a close and we see more sunshine in our windows. 

I have a request from the bath aids to remind residents’ families and friends how much the residents like unique and fragranced bath soaps and lotions. These give the resident an alternative to the soap we use everyday and have different aromas they enjoy! These are okay to bring as long as they are not medicated. We will label and keep them locked in the whirlpool rooms for use on bath days.

A couple reminders for Care Conferences – these will be held in the 100 hall lounge unless you alert us to go to the resident’s room. If you want to have your loved one in the conference, we will be happy to get them there.

We have a couple new nurses joining us. Please welcome Lisa McWhorter and Kristin Fuller when you see them! We also have a couple CNAs returning to MNRC – Dorrie Trenkamp and BrieAnna Nielson. Our team is always working to bring a positive, caring atmosphere and we think they do an amazing job! Please don’t hesitate to share your positive experiences with myself or Lindsay and we will happily pass them on to brighten their day!

Kelly Fleming, RN, DON