Hello from the Nursing Department!

We miss seeing everyone so much and, like you, can’t wait to have visitors back. Currently, we are working daily to stay healthy ourselves and continue keeping the residents safe and healthy. Many of the changes in our daily routine follow the recommendations by the CDC and IDPH. You have no doubt read or heard the details in daily news updates. We continue to screen residents and staff twice daily for any signs of illness. In addition, staff are wearing masks and eye protection; residents are offered them as well.

Coming up in June is a week to celebrate our CNAs! They are the frontline to kind, compassionate care of these residents we love every day! We admire the passion, patience, strength, and kindness they bring to each shift and all the creative ways they show to care. Take time this month to help recognize all they do with a “Thank you” when you see them.

A reminder about visits for all residents and families – phone calls, video calls, window visits are welcome. However, please keep the windows closed and we are unable to facilitate outside visits at this time.

Kelly Fleming, RN, DON