Activities in Action

Hello from Activities!

The Great Jones Country Fair is such a big event in Monticello that we are going to continue with having our own fair here at MNRC. This year fair week for MNRC is June 14th to the 18th. During the week, staff will get a chance to win concert tickets to the Great Jones County Fair by participating in the activities with the residents. Some of the activities are Tie-Dying shirts, Flag Day Cookies, Fair games, Frozen T-Shirt Game, Live Music, Spa Day with Staff, Pie Toss. We will also be serving lots of fair food such as funnel cake, corn dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, and lemon shake ups! Of course, we will end the week with good old Bingo!

In June, we also celebrate National Nursing Assistants week June 13th -19th. We want to thank our certified nurse’s aides for their hard work, dedication and for the kind, compassionate care they provide. We could not do it without you. You are greatly appreciated!

On Sunday, the 20th we would like to invite families to have a “To Go Donuts with Dad” at 9:00AM in the front lounge. Please stop in grab a coffee and a donut to go, see your loved one and check out the pictures of the handsome men at MNRC that are on display.

Some other the other activities we will be doing throughout the month are: Groovy Community Wall Art, planting flowers & Veggies, Peaceful Door Décor and time outside enjoying the weather with refreshing lemonade.

Have a wonderful June!

Jenn Woods, Recreation Program Director

Sunday June 20th 9:00 AM Donuts & Coffee to go. This way we do not have to take are masks off and will keep everyone safe!!

If families could come in and declutter your loved one’s area and closet that would be great. With it being over a year with families not going through their thing’s closets have gotten very full.