What can we do for you? We are happy to help ensure residents and their families are comfortable throughout the facility. Let us know how we can meet specific needs or preferences.

Happy July from the Nursing staff. Thank you to all the residents, staff, and family for participating in Nursing Home Week, CNA Week, and Nurse’s Week. We appreciate all the kind gestures and comments letting us know we are doing a great job and reminding us why we do what we do every day…and why we love it and all of you! Please continue to alert staff if you have any concerns or additional compliments!

Do you have questions about medications you or your loved one is taking? Please ask our nurses or DON to review them with you. It is possible some medications can be reduced or eliminated safely to reduce the number of pills you take and their side effects. Just another reminder – please do not bring in any outside medications or treatment creams. This includes prescription medications as well as anything over the counter. Please check with a nurse for any questions.

If any residents go out for appointments, please bring copies of any paperwork received to the nurse upon returning. Many times, new orders or notes from the visit are included in the paperwork and should be addressed promptly.

Kelly Fleming, RN, DON