Hello from Activities!!

At Monticello Nursing & Rehab we will be celebrating Independence Day throughout the month of July. We start it off by taking a few  residents  in the Monticello Parade on July 4th. Be on the look out for our Patriotic golf cart in the parade. We will also be making several patriotic crafts such as a patriotic straw necklace, sparkle bottles, straw sparklers,  and red, white and blue paper suncatchers.  On July 11th we will be celebrating America's Birthday with a Red, White, And Blue Party!! Residents remember to wear red, white and blue along with the necklaces we made.

Families, we will be having an Ice Cream Social on Wednesday, July 17th at 2:15 if you would like to join your loved one and enjoy some ice cream sundaes. We had a wonderful fishing trip out at Camp Courageous in June. The weather couldn’t have been better. For our bus trip in July we will be going to a Kernels Baseball Game on the 29th.  We will be loading the bus at 9:00 am and will be taking sack lunches. We are hoping for some nice weather to watch some baseball! The residents are looking forward to this and have been asking about going for months . The raised garden beds have been doing very well. We have gotten lettuce, chives, dill, cilantro, and rashes out of it so far.  Big thanks to Jim Oswald for making the fence around the raised garden beds to keep the deer and other critters out!

Jenn Woods, Recreation Program Director