Bring on the New Year! I hope everyone had a great Christmas. January is filled with new fun activities! We are introducing Books on CD with our Tenants. These are recorded versions of the book read out loud. The first book we will read is Nicolas Sparks, The Best of Me. Our wine and cheese socials on Friday afternoons are going well so we are adding a coffee social to Tuesday mornings. We are having our Snowflake Ball January 12th at 6:oo pm. There will be music, dancing and appetizers. Our monthly brunch will be on the 16th from 10:30 to 11:30. Please RSVP if you will be attending the brunch. Also remember all activities listed in RED are held at the nursing home and you all are welcome to attend them. If you need help getting over to the nursing home please ask a staff member and they will be happy to guide you in the right direction. Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season.
Tiffany Bacon, Pennington Activity Director