Happy New Year!  We hope everyone was able to share some time with loved ones around the holidays and look forward to a healthy, happy 2018. Our nursing staff recently had Millenium Therapy share some valuable information about Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy can do for the residents here at MNRC. They are a great resource for residents and staff when we see decreases in resident movement or cognition. If you have any questions about therapy services we offer in the facility, please ask a nurse or introduce yourself to a therapist.
Just a reminder we have a dental service and vision service coming into the facility on a regular basis. If you have not signed up for these services and want information, please see myself or Leann Herman. These services are a benefit to the resident’s overall health and convenient for limiting outside trips when a resident cannot easily transport.
 Lastly, please do not bring any treatment creams, medications – prescription or over the counter, and aerosol sprays to resident rooms. Eye drops, menthol rub, mouthwash, aerosol hairspray, vitamins, and anti-itch creams are examples of items to give to a nurse instead of the resident. If residents request these items, please alert the nurse.
Kelly Fleming, RN, DON