Happy 2018!  As we welcome in the new year, it’s a great time to reflect on the past year and perhaps set some goals for the new one.  Lots of us tend to focus on health-related resolutions such as eating better, getting more exercise or losing those 10 extra pounds we’ve gained over the year.  If you are a senior (65 or older), 2018 may be the time to consider assisted living and make a resolution to stay stronger, healthier, and independent longer. 
Today, increasing numbers of adults are remaining in their homes longer, delaying the entry into assisted living communities which may consequently, have a negative impact on seniors’ health and well-being.  A study from the Journal of Primary Prevention estimates that 43% of seniors living at home feel socially isolated.   Feelings of loneliness and isolation have been linked to depression, cognitive decline and risk for dementia.  Research studies also found that 15-50% of seniors suffer from poor nutrition; skipping meals, forgetting to eat, and snacking on food with little nutritional value.   If acute health issues arise, seniors living alone are more likely to ignore symptoms, resulting in more significant health issues.
 At Pennington Square, we know that seniors thrive and flourish in our assisted living community, getting their nutritional, social/emotional, and medical needs met with the help of a supportive and caring team.  Family members gain peace of mind knowing their loved ones are safe and will stay independent and healthier, longer.   Contact Leann at 465-5415 for more information on Pennington Square Assisted Living apartments. 
Leann Herman, Marketing & Admissions