Happy New Year!  Typically, many adults start off the new year with a resolution of self-improvement, maybe to exercise, lose weight, get more sleep, volunteer more, or make better food choices.  The new year renews our motivation to make changes in our lifestyle that will leave us feeling better, both physically and mentally.  One study however, estimates that only 9.2 percent of individuals actually achieve their New Year’s Resolutions.  So how do you beat the odds?  Think small.  Instead of making a resolution to exercise every day for 30 minutes, start with just 10 minutes a day or commit to 3 times per week.  Take a weekly exercise class such as the ‘Sit and Get Fit Class’ or the ‘Chair Yoga Class’ that is offered weekly at the Berndes Center.  Get into the routine of attending.  It also helps to visualize and commit to your goal.  Plan ahead and break down the goal.  Instead of vowing to eat better, replace your nightly snack of ice cream with a healthy choice such as popcorn, or apples and peanut butter and save the ice cream for once a week.

 Our residents love visitors, phone calls and letters/cards in the mail.  Commit to sending a card or visiting once a month.  Buy 12 cards in advance or mark your calendar with one day each month that works into your schedule and be sure to plan around it.  If you want to volunteer more, subscribe to our monthly newsletter and take a look at the activities calendar. Chose one activity a month such as spa day or Bingo and put it on your calendar.  Finally, give yourself a break.  If you veer from your resolution, don’t throw in the towel.  Just dust yourself off and get back on the wagon!  Wishing you a healthy, happy and successful 2019!

Leann Herman, Marketing & Admissions