Happy Heart Month! February is a very busy month for us in activities. We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with our annual Valentine Royalty Luncheon. Voting for our Valentine King, Queen, Prince and Princess will take place February 4th-7th. Voting is open to staff, residents and families. Winners will be crowned Friday, February 8th. Family members of the “Royal Family” will be invited to attend the Valentine luncheon on February 14th.

February 10th-16th is Random Acts of Kindness Week. Throughout the week residents will be spreading kindness to others in the facility. Baking cookies for staff, handing out goodie bags to those seen doing a good deed, painting kindness rocks for others to find and making Valentine cards to pass out are just a few ways we will be spreading kindness. I encourage others to take the challenge with us. Do one small gesture a day; buy a stranger a coffee, hold the door open for others, leave a positive message for someone to find or giving a compliment all great ways to spread joy and inspire others to do the same.

Lastly, as many of you have heard I recently took a position with our consulting company, DiversaCare. In accepting this position, I will now be traveling to different Healthcare of Iowa facilities to train, educate and consult with Recreation Program Directors like myself.  As you can imagine this was not an easy decision to make. All my MNRC residents, staff, family members and volunteers hold a special place in my heart. Although, I will not be at MNRC full time once the new Recreation Program Director is trained, I will still be popping in every so often to check in on the activities program. I am excited to start my new role with DiveraCare in working with other activity programs.  I will still be available through email if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you all for making the last 4 years unforgettable!

Heather Dudley, Recreation Program Director

Email: heatherdudley015@gmail.com

February 10th-16th