Nursing News 

Welcome to all the new and returning faces in the nursing department! We are so happy to continue offering care to the residents at MNRC. As we weave through the changes for covid tracking and regulations, the care and attention to resident needs is unwavering. Each nurse and CNA face the days and nights with smiles, perseverance, and the compassion for residents and each other. Thank you for braving the storm and encouraging others to stay focused and even join this fantastic team! We welcome a new class of graduates from a CNA class held here at MNRC and look forward to starting another this month. It’s hopeful to see renewed interest in joining the healthcare scene.

Care Conferences are being held each Wednesday morning and letters with details should be going out in the mail to the primary contact for each resident. We encourage you to come in person but welcome phone conferences for those who are unable to attend or are out of town.

We want to remind families and friends as the seasons change and residents outgrow clothing and need for extra personal items, to schedule a time to visit sort belongings and remove anything not necessary. We know it’s difficult to minimize and organize, however, space is limited, and we want to ensure a safe environment and for each resident to have fitting clothing. Any new items brought to the facility should be labeled in permanent marker or labels.

Senior Vision and Dental services are available to all residents. If it’s difficult to take them out for appointments, please consider this wonderful alternative. Call myself or respond to communication you get from Aria Care Partners for consenting to these. They come to the facility on a regular basis to help meet needs for glasses, dentures, and annual checkups.

Happy February!

Kelly Fleming, RN, DON