Hello from Nursing! We are all working to keep the residents healthy as well as ourselves! We have not seen any influenza to date; however, several other viral infections have crept into the facility. Viral infections can have similar symptoms as bacterial infections but may be treated differently. Our nursing staff monitors for symptoms of infection such as fever, cough, or sore throat. They will notify the doctor. Sometimes lab tests or x-rays are ordered to confirm or rule out infection. Depending on the severity of symptoms and test results, an antibiotic may be ordered. Viral infections cannot be treated effectively with antibiotics. If the infection cannot be treated with an antibiotic, other medications may be ordered by the doctor to treat the symptoms until they are gone. During the time residents are sick the nursing staff will use precautions to prevent spreading the infectious symptoms. We have masks and gloves available for staff and visitors and encourage anyone exposed to RSV, influenza, walking pneumonia, or other infections to these or postpone your visit.

A big THANK YOU to our dedicated nursing staff for braving the cold, snowy weather and commit to caring every day! We have a great team who realize the residents at MNRC need them rain or shineJ Spring is just a couple months away!

Kelly Fleming, RN, DON