In July the tenants at Pennington Square went on a couple of trips. The first one was to the Anamosa State Penitentiary Museum. They all said it was very interesting. After the museum we headed down to Stone City to go to The General Store, a great restaurant. We also took the golf cart to the Jones County Fair. We drove around the fair to see the different exhibits.  We got front row seats to watch the motocross riders do some crazy tricks on the ramps. To end the day at the fair the tenants grabbed some good ol’ fair food.

At Pennington Square Assisted Living we will be doing a lot of fun activities in August. The first activity is a trip to the Mississippi River Museum on August 2nd. We will also be going to Savoir the Barn to do wine tasting on August 14th. August is National Peachy Keen Day; which was first celebrated in 1982 when President Reagan declared the day. On Wednesday, August 22nd, we will be having a food presentation by Chef Jason to help commemorate nation peach month.

If you have been to Pennington Square you may have seen that we acquired a new stand up planter. This project was started by our tenants so that we could have more space to put vegetables and fruit. Thank you to all who donated for the planter. It was greatly appreciated! With the new planter we plan to put some radishes in it still this year.

Kelsey McWilliams, Pennington Square Assisted Living Activity Director