Hello from the nursing staff!

The nurses have been busy with new training for electronic communications for medications and with the physicians. We see the benefits of less paper shuffling and greater efficiency.  As with any new process we will have an adjustment period. Please be patient and alert a Charge Nurse or myself to any concerns or questions.

Just a reminder, Care Conferences are scheduled on Wednesdays. When you get a letter in the mail and the selected time or date does not work for you or other family, please call or stop in my office to discuss changing it. We will continue to meet in the 100 Hall Lounge. If you want to meet in the resident’s room, please come to the lounge first. Care Conferences are a time to discuss concerns, ask questions, get updates on resident’s activity participation, review medications or vital signs, and review the goals for the resident. We welcome anyone involved in the resident’s care to join us, however, these meetings are casual and not mandatory to attend.

Kelly Fleming, RN, DON