Hello from Activities!

I cannot believe it is August already. We have been loving the warm weather and spending as much time outside as possible. The vegetables in our raised garden are growing and we have enjoyed some fresh cherry tomatoes. Residents have enjoyed watching and petting the chickens in our chicken coop at the end of 400 hall. We decided that the chickens need names! Residents and staff will vote for their favorite names. The names will be revealed in next month’s newsletter. We will be filling the outside fish tank with fish soon so residents can start fishing again. Hopefully the wildlife won’t get to them first.

We will continue to have the annual Hawaiian Party during the month of August. This year it will be held on August 19th at 2:15pm in the main dining room. We will enjoy fancy party punch, fun at the beach pudding cups, ham & pineapple on skewers.  Residents will be making Leis that morning to wear to the party. Staff and Residents are encouraged to wear beach style clothes.

Residents will be getting creative this month by making summer suncatchers, yarn wrapped lighthouses, jiffy-press flowers, and bee treat bags. We will also be putting together care packages for children at the hospital with cancer and making cards to send to soldiers. Don’t forget to join us on Friday, August 13th at 10:00 am for some creamy & refreshing root beer floats!!

Donations are always appreciated for bingo prizes! Residents enjoy receiving stuffed animals and blankets. 

Jenn Woods, Recreation Program Director