Hello from Nursing!

We are really enjoying the warm, sunny days we’ve had for visiting (finally) with families and friends! All staff are continuing to be diligent in taking steps to prevent infection of any kind from entering the building. In addition to preventing Covid 19, we have seen a dramatic decline in common colds and other infections the past few months among residents and staff – this is reassuring, and our efforts are effective! We continue to screen residents twice daily and staff before and after shift to ensure we catch new symptoms early.

We are so proud of our nursing staff for their amazing efforts in working long hours and busy days, taking the changes in stride, and staying positive through all the ups and downs. We welcomed many new staff during the pandemic who are passionate about helping our residents. Their training has been a bit off the norm, but we are grateful for their patience and drive to help when we are in the most need. We will be resuming corporate-run classes again this month for CNAs. The experience gained in these trying times for all staff will certainly help everyone grow stronger and more confident!

We will continue to send out letters for Care Conferences and do these by phone. If you would like the resident in the meeting with us, please alert the facility prior. I will be happy to have them involved! Also watch for a consent for the influenza vaccine; they will be coming by mail or email to all POAs.  We will start immunizations again already in September!

Thank you for the continued support and kind words!

Kelly Fleming, RN, DON