Hello from Activities!

We have exciting news on a new fishing tank that our maintenance supervisor, Jay Murray set up for the residents. We will have some fun fishing throughout the month. Hopefully the weather will remain beautiful.

We are starting off the month with the Tractorcade August 4th at 6:15 pm. Residents will be eating early this evening to be sure they can make it out to enjoy the parade of tractors. A few new games we are trying this month include dog bingo, paired up, beach blanket bingo, last suit standing, and rock, paper, scissors. Crafts we will be making include calming bath bombs, fan art, butterfly pasta, and a mason jar aquarium. Residents are invited to attend a Surfs Up Social on August 19th at 2:15 pm. The dining room will be decked out with beach decorations and Chef Kevin will be serving some delicious foods!

Jenn Woods, Recreation Program Director

Surf’s Up Social

August 19th 2:15 pm