It’s August and we are really enjoying the warm Summer days!

We are welcoming some new nurses and CNA's to the facility this month and saying good-bye to a few CNA's heading off to college. We look forward to seeing them on holiday breaks! If you see a new face, please introduce yourself and your role or relationship to the residents. 

We would like to ask any POA's to consider providing a personal electric razor for shaving. We have them available for residents who don’t have one, however, to maintain excellent infection control and encourage daily shaving in the resident’s routine it is best for each resident to have their own. For any questions or recommendations, please ask a CNA, Nurse, or bath aide.

Infection control is ongoing, even in Summer. It is no secret, we encourage a lot of hand washing and glove use with staff. We also need to encourage residents as they are able and ask any visitors to make efforts to wash hands before and after visits. Nursing homes, hospitals, and public places in general can be more susceptible for breeding infection. Do not assume you are immune to infections because you feel “healthy”. Following simple practices of hand washing, using gloves and/or masks, and sanitizing surfaces can keep the environment at MNRC infection free!

Kelly Fleming, RN, DON