Hello from Activities!!

I can not believe it is August already. With the extreme heat in the month of July we were not able to take the golf cart out so hopefully it will cool down and we can get some golf cart rides in! The   chickens are growing and doing well. We sat down and came up with a bunch of names which we will let the residents vote on. I will let you know the names next month! The garden is producing some nice tomatoes, egg plants, peppers, and kohlrabi. We will continue to have the annual Hawaiian Party during the month of August. This year will hold the party on August 15th at 2:15 pm in the main dining room. We will have delicious Hawaiian meatballs, Hawaiian cheesecake fluff,, harvest party punch, and Hawaiian mimosas. Residents will be making lei’s to wear at the party!

During the month of August, we will also be celebrating National Watermelon Day, National Root Beer Float Day and World Honey Bee Day. For Watermelon Day residents will be making a watermelon fan while they enjoy some tasty watermelon squares. Root Beer Floats are always a favorite at the nursing home! To celebrate this national day we will enjoy root beer floats outside. Lastly, we will celebrate World Honey Bee Day by making a bee craft while going over some facts about Honey Bees.  Don’t forget to buy some baked goods at our bake sale on Friday, August 2nd from 1:30-3:30 to raise money for Relay for Life. Residents will be making no bake cookies to sell at the bake sale. Other fun things we have planned include a new dice game, card bingo with Systems Unlimited, playing card games on the front porch, making different seasoned oyster crackers, and making jelly fish to hang in the facility. For this month’s bus trip we will going to one of our resident’s, Willene Moenk’s family farm. We will start loading the bus at 1:00 pm.

Everyone have a great month of August!!

Jenn Woods, Recreation Program Director


August 15th at 2:15 pm in the Main Dining Room