Hello from the Nursing department! We are happy to have warmer temps, longer daylight hours, and more visiting families and friends! Thank you all for patiently waiting while we followed the required guidelines for infection control and supporting the facility and residents in unconventional ways!

With mixed emotions, I am writing my last newsletter as DON. It has been 4 years of ups and downs, comings and goings, and numerous changes – a challenge I’ve embraced! Thank you all for the support, trust, and memories – So many wonderful memories of staff, residents, families, and moments! I am very grateful for the opportunities here at MNRC. Kristin Fuller is promoting to DON as of 3/28/21 and I will fill various roles a couple days each week. I am happy to stay part time at MNRC and look forward to spending more time on our farm and with my growing kids. Kristin has been with MNRC as a charge nurse and ADON for 3 years. She is hard working, compassionate, and very knowledgeable in long term care and excited to grow in this leadership role. Please congratulate her and contact us with any questions!

A couple reminders for helping keep our residents and facility safe. Please remember all medications and treatment creams/ointments need to come from one of our pharmacies. We cannot accept or use these items from outside sources even if labeled, they are over the counter, or in a pill box. This includes nicotine replacements, cough drops, medicated lotions, and herbal remedies. The facility also cannot allow any aerosol grooming or air freshening products. Fire safety regulations prohibit these in the resident rooms and throughout the facility. Curling irons, hair dryers, or any other heated items must be given to nurses to lock up in nursing stations until someone can supervise the use of them. Fans may be brought into the resident rooms but must be covered with a protective net. Please check with staff for more details.

Kelly Fleming, RN