Welcome Spring!

Our residents are already enjoying the warmer weather! Sunshine is good for the body and soul! Please bring in some sunscreen for skin protection if you anticipate your loved one will want to sit out in the sun. We will keep it in the Nurse’s Station.

Influenza season is officially over, however, we are still seeing some cases of it and other viral infections occasionally. Please be sure to use the sanitizer provided and/or wear a mask if you are symptomatic or have been exposed. We have been working hard to prevent the spread of colds and GI bugs!

Last month our Restorative Nurse, Sheri, was in the spotlight! We want to reinforce the benefits of a person’s independence and mobility. We strive for a balance of comfort and productivity while being realistic of the facility’s population. Encouraging movement in any way and using muscles on a regular basis will keep residents strong and prevent contracture or skin breakdown. While some residents have chronic pain, we encourage consistent walking and transfers as much as possible. Managing chronic pain is possible with medication and positioning. If you have any concerns or questions about mobility, therapy services, or exercise, please talk with the nursing team!

Kelly Fleming, RN, DON