Happy Spring everyone! What a month March was, so many changes and new ‘normal’ for all of us! I would like to take this opportunity to go over the precautions we are taking as a facility to help protect our residents and staff from illness. Protecting our residents’ health and safety is our top priority.  As you are all aware, we have restricted visitors from entering our building. Additionally, we are screening all staff who enter the facility to ensure sick employees stay home.

Our facility is following the recommendations of the CDC on prevention steps, including following strict handwashing procedures, and in many circumstances, wearing gowns and gloves when interacting with residents who may present symptoms. We are also staying up to date with the CDC recommendations as they may continue to change. In addition, our facility is in close contact with the local and state health department, and we are following their guidance.

Our residents are following social distancing rules, just as the rest of the community. We have created additional dining areas to ensure residents are not sitting too close together and we are assisting residents to eat in their rooms if they choose to do so. In addition, all group activities have been suspended, and instead we are accommodating one on one activities as well as independent activities.

We will notify you if any residents or staff are diagnosed with COVID-19. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 319-465-5415.

I encourage you to call the facility to set up a time for Facetime or Skype with your loved one! The residents love getting the opportunity to see their friends and families this way. Also, I wish to thank everyone who has donated supplies, cards, food, flowers, and everything else we have received over the past couple of weeks. I speak for all of us when I say we appreciate it!

Laurissa Martin, Administrator