Hello from Activities!!

              The Great Jones County Fair is such a big event in Monticello that we are going to continue holding our own fair here at MNRC. This year the fair week for MNRC is June 10th to 14th.  This week we also need to give a big thank you to all the Certified Nursing Assistants which is recognized in the week from the 13th to the 19th.  We could not do it without you. You are greatly appreciated. The week will be filled with Fair games and food which both the resident and staff participate in. During the week staff get a chance to win concert tickets to the Great Jones County Fair by participating in the activities with the residents. The activities that are going on are: Wheel chair races, Win it in a Minute, Horse races, Frozen T-Shirt game, Cotton Candy Craft, Scavenger Hunt, Fair games/food and a Pie Toss. During the fair we will be serving Funnel Cake, Corn Dogs, Cotton Candy, Jell-O Shaved Ice, Popcorn, Lemon Shake up, and Maple Bacon Skewers.  Of course, we will end the week with good old Bingo. 

On Sunday the 16th we would like to invite families to have donuts with dad at 9:00 AM in the front lounge. You will see the displayed pictures of the handsome men at MNRC. This month we will be going on a fishing trip to Camp Courageous. This is something that they seem to really enjoy. This trip will be held on June 25th. Residents will load up on the bus at 9AM. Lunch will be provided at Camp Courageous for those on the trip.  For this month we are doing activities related to The Great Outdoors. Some of the activities are: Making Crafts- Dotty Dandelion, Twin Pop Door Décor and a Campfire. We will make S’mores, play a pool noodle game, go fishing and watch The Great Outdoors movie at the end of the month. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful month!! 

Jenn Woods, Recreation Program Director