Happy Holidays! November didn’t go as planned but we are hopeful December will bring us some Christmas cheer! We have a month full of one-to-one activities planned. Some of our holiday crafts include making nutcracker and sugar plum ornaments, Christmas suncatchers, candy cane candle holders, and decorating snowflakes. Residents will...
Resident Birthdays December 1- Walter Longer December 12- Janaan Husmann December 13- Beans Behrends December 13- Merwin Bengford December 24- Luvern Digmann December 25- Frederick Olmsted December 26- Mary Somers Staff Birthdays December 20- Kristin Fuller December 20- Sarah Collins December 26- Liz Farrington December 30- Diane Andrews
Lydia Lange 12/10/2019 Kayla Wagener 12/20/2019 Melissa Larson 12/21/2018
Carol Hinrichsen Cleo Andreesen Dale Wright Darlene Moncrief David Swim James Collins June Buol Leo Westphal Lynn Powelson Marcella Hubbard Marilyn Neiers Mary Somers Milo Brokaw Nadine Hardy Pearl Wittenberg Not Pictured- Kathryn Peters & Gerald Muller

Happy Holidays