Happy April from the Nursing staff! 

A reminder to all residents, friends and families – please check the lost and found if you are missing any clothing items. We are happy to help you label any personal items to ensure they are returned timely from laundry.

Heathcare is everchanging and so are its laws and required paperwork. We work closely with the local ambulance in acute situations to transfer care to hospitals when needed. There are many decisions our insurance companies need more information or review cases and deny coverage. This is out of our control.  In the event we need to do an acute transfer because of declining health and get orders from a physician to send them to the hospital, a nurse will call the POA. We will discuss the situation and need for ER evaluation. The POA will be given a chance to transport the resident if appropriate. If ambulance transport is needed, the nurse will ask permission to sign a form. This form is being required by the ambulance service and gives permission to appeal a denial of coverage from the insurance company. If an appeal is also denied, the resident could be billed for the ambulance transfer.

Lastly, a reminder to avoid bringing medications or medicated ointments, cough drops, and aerosol products to the facility. All medicated items need to come from the pharmacy and the nursing staff has to administer them. This is for the safety of all our residents.

If you have questions or concerns about this, please feel free to call Laurissa or myself.

Kelly Fleming, RN, DON